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Image shows a young man, who is bleeding apparently due to gunshot wounds, runing for his life after unknown assailants opened fire at a rally in Karachi on May 22, 2012. The HRCP said last year a total of 1,715 people were killed in violent flare-ups in the city plagued by ethnic and politically-linked bloodshed.

KARACHI: Ethnic, sectarian and politically-linked violence in Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi has killed at least 740 people so far this year, a human rights organisation said Tuesday.

Parts of the port city have become battlegrounds, with authorities unable to prevent violence blamed on activists from political parties representing rival ethnic groups.

“About 740 people have been the victims of violent shootings in the last five months,” Zohra Yusuf, chair of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), told AFP.

The HRCP said last year a total of 1,715 people were killed in violent flare-ups in the city, which is Pakistan’s biggest with an estimated population of 17 million.

The attacks often lead to punishing financial losses for Pakistan’s economy as swathes of Karachi go into lockdown, with residents fleeing the violence and shops and markets closing.

“People are being killed with impunity by various ethnic groups while the government, it seems, has little control to put an end to it,” Yusuf said.

The figures include the assassination of 107 political activists, while the rest of the victims were people with no political affiliations, HRCP said.


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At least four people were killed when a US drone fired missiles in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region near Afghan border, sources said on Saturday.

The sources said that the attack took place in Khawashi village of South Waziristan Agency.

They said the unmanned aircraft targeted a vehicle.

Anti-American sentiments are running high in the South Asian Islamic nation after the Nato aggression despite country’s continued efforts against extremists and military campaign against the home grown terrorists.

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Pakistan, conducted a successful Flight Test of the indigenously developed Air Launched Cruise Missile, Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad) today. (31-05-2012) –Photo ISPR

Rawalpindi – May 31, 2012:
Pakistan, today conducted a successful Flight Test of the indigenously developed Air Launched Cruise Missile, Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad). The Ra’ad Missile, with a range of over 350 KM, enables Pakistan to achieve strategic standoff capability on land and at Sea. ‘Cruise Technology’ is extremely complex and has been developed by only a few countries in the world. The state of the art Ra’ad Cruise Missile with Stealth Capabilities is a Low Altitude, Terrain Hugging Missile with high maneuverability, and can deliver nuclear and conventional warheads with pin point accuracy.
A major additional feature of today’s test was the effective employment of the National Command Authority’s fully automated Strategic Command and Control Support System (SCCSS). It has enabled robust Command and Control capability of all strategic assets with round the clock situational awareness in a digitized network centric environment to decision makers at National Command Centre (NCC). The system has the added capability of real time remote monitoring of missile flight path.
The successful launch has been commended by the President, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee who have congratulated the scientists and engineers on their outstanding achievement.

Ra’ad cruise missile has stealth capabilities, is a low altitude, terrain-hugging missile with high maneuverability. PHOTO: FILE

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A short film on US drone attacks in Pakistan made by Iqra University students won an international award this week, said a press release.

The film The Other Side was awarded with Best Audience Award at National Film Festival For Talented Youth, Washington. The short film is written and directed by Danish Ali along with five other team members.
The 20-minute film revolves around the idea of assessing social, psychological and economical affects of drones on the people in tribal areas of Pakistan.
The film identifies the problems faced by families who have become victims of drone missiles, and it unearths the line of action which terrorist groups adopt to use victimised families for their vested interests.
Despite being chosen for the award, the filmmakers were unable to attend the award ceremony as their visa applications were rejected twice.
“If we got the visa then it would have been easy for us to frame our point of view in front of the other selected youth filmmakers,” Qasim said.
“The film gained interest from the audience across the globe compelling festival administrators to give Audience Award to the film,” he added.

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It is unfortunate to report that Shayan Akhtar, the self proclaimed world record holder for Youngest Microsoft professional, is a fraud told me officials from Microsoft.

Shayan Akhtar, a student from Okara, recently claimed that he has set a new world record by scoring 998 marks out of total 1,000 in a Microsoft Professional Certificate programme.

Furthermore Shayan had claimed that Bill Gates has invited him for one to one meeting in July 2012.

Microsoft officials from Pakistan as well as United States, who wanted to remain unnamed, confirmed ProPakistani that Shayan is fabricating facts and communication records to gain popularity for reasons not known to them.

Shayan Akhtar was never invited by Bill Gates, commented company officials.

Microsoft officials also maintained that Microsoft doesn’t keep track of age for its certified professionals anymore. Hence there’s no point of claiming being youngest or oldest certified professional.

When we asked from Shayan about the same, he said that Microsoft could be lying to ProPakistani, and that he was indeed invited by Bill Gates for which he is visiting US in December 2012. He said he could show us the email invitation as well. (We will update this post, when and if we get the scan of invitation)

He also claimed that his name will appear in next publication of Guinness Book of World Record, for his extraordinary achievement. He was of the view that his certification (in November 2011) was a recent record that is why his name isn’t appearing in online search for world records on Guinness website.

Shayan’s father didn’t take our call.

Microsoft didn’t comment when we asked if company is considering any legal action against Shayan for the propaganda.

It merits mentioning here that Punjab government was considering to honor Shayan by throwing a ceremony which of course isn’t happening now.

It maybe recalled that Ammar Afzal, a student from Okara too, was involved in such kind of fraud as well. He had claimed similar kind of records in various certifications, which were later found out to be fake.


Shayan has tried to fabricate emails, exactly like what Microsoft officials claimed earlier. Just five minutes ago, I received an email from “Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation”. Here is what the email reads:

We’ve just contacted Shayan Anique to confirm his Bill Gates Invitation. He is invited by Mr Gates to visit Microsoft Corporation in November because of the work he had done in the field of Microsoft Technologies like ASP.NET, MVC, .NET FRAMEWORK and WINDOWS PHONE.

He is also a youngest MCPD in Windows Phone and Web Development 4. Although we have sent his world Records Documents for Verification to Guinness. We have also verified his MCP Transcript from Microsoft. It is totally valid.

We will inform you as soon as we receive reply from Guinness.

Your’s Sincerely,

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Main Office
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102

Interestingly, the header of email suggest that this email was sent to us using a proxy email sender.

Check below screen shot of email header:

I feel pity for Shayan.

[ courtesy by: http://propakistani.pk/2012/05/28/shayan-akhtar-turns-out-to-be-a-fraud/ ]

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Pakistan successfully conducted the test fire of indigenously developed Short Range Surface to Surface Multi Tube Missile Hatf IX (NASR) today. (29-05-2012) – Photo ISPR

Pakistan today successfully conducted the test fire of indigenously developed Short Range Surface to Surface Multi Tube Missile Hatf IX (NASR). NASR, with a range of 60 km, can carry nuclear warheads of appropriate yield, with high accuracy, and possesses shoot & scoot attributes.

This quick response system addresses the need to deter evolving threats, specially at shorter ranges.

The test was witnessed by Director General Strategic Plans Division Lieutenant General Khalid Ahmed Kidwai (R), Chairman NESCOM Mr Irfan Burney, Commander Army Strategic Forces Command, Lieutenant General Tariq Nadeem Gilani, Senior Officers from the Strategic forces and scientists and engineers of strategic organizations.

The Director General Strategic Plans Division, Lieutenant General Khalid Ahmed Kidwai (R), terming the NASR Missile as a weapon of peace, said that the test was a major development which will consolidate Pakistan’s deterrence capability at all levels of the threat spectrum, thereby ensuring peace in the region.

The successful test has also been warmly appreciated by the President, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, who have congratulated the scientists and engineers on their outstanding success.

The Director General Strategic Plans Division termed the NASR Missile as a weapon of peace.

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Looking for the top 10 richest people of Pakistan in 2012? Well, You have come to the right place. Here we will share with you, the top 10 wealthiest people of Pakistan.

1. Mian Muhammad Mansha


Mian Muhammad Mansha is the richest person of Pakistan. He is a Businessman and has the worth of $2.5 billion. He owns Muslim Commercial Bank. Mansha’s Nishat Group is Pakistan’s largest exporter of cotton clothes (for brands like Gap).
So, these were the top 10 richest people of Pakistan in 2012. We can see there are politicians in this list as well. Can this facts be somehow linked to corruption in Pakistan? Please share your views with us in the comments section below.

2. Asif Ali Zardari


Mr. Asif Ali Zardari is the 2nd richest person in Pakistan with a worth of $1.8 Billion. Mr. Zardari is the current president of Pakistan. His assets hold hundred of million dollars, he has 8 prime properties in UK, he also has multi-million dollars mansion in USA, huge stakes in sugar mills all over the Pakistan.

3. Anwar Pervaiz


Anwar Pervaiz is the third richest person in Pakistan. He has worth of $1.5 billion. He is the Chairman of Bestway Group and they own 50 cash and carry’s. He is also shareholder of UBL.

4. Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif


The Sharif brothers are on number 4 position among the richest people of Pakistan. These two are famous politicians. Their worth is $1.4 billion (declared). They are mainly Politicians as well as Businessmen. Before becoming PM, Nawaz Sharif was a major share holder along with his brother and cousins of Ittefaq Group.

5. Saddaruddin Hashwani


Saddaruddin Hashwani is 5th in the list of top 10 richest people of Pakistan. He has the worth of $1.1 billion. He is the tycoon of Hospitality Industry in Pakistan. He is the chairman of Hashoo Group of Companies. He is the owner of Pearl Continental and Marriott.

6. Nasir Schon


Nasir Schon is Pakistan’s 6th richest man and he has the worth of more than $1 billion. He is Head of Schon Group. He is also the owner of Dubai Lagoon, UAE. Nasir Schon is also known to be one of the first people to have a Rolls-Royce in Pakistan.

7. Abdul Razzaq Yakoub

Abdul Razzaq Yakoub is the 7th richest man of Pakistan. His worth is $1 Billion. He is the president of ARY group and World Memon Organization (WMO). He is controlling around 7 channels. Mr. Abdul Razzaq has also got 20 Gold outlets in Asia.

8. Rafiq Habib and Rasheed Habib

Rafiq Habib and Rasheed Habib are at the 8th position in this list and their worth is $ 900 million. They have always played a good role in helping out Pakistan’s economy.
They are the owners of Bank Al-Habib, Habib Bank A.G Zurich, Indus Motors assembling Corolla cars etc.

9. Tariq Saigol & Nasim Saigol

Tariq Saigol & Nasim Saigol rank number 9 in the list of top 10 richest people of Pakistan. Their worth is $850 Million. Saigol Group comprises of three different business houses. The Saigol brothers own the followings:
*Kohinoor Textile Mills.
* Pak Elektron Ltd. (PEL).
* Kohinoor Power Company.KTM MONO
* Faisalabad Grammar School, Faisalabad (FGS).
* Kohinoor Energy
* Saigol Computers (Private) Limited
* Kohinoor Motor Works Limited
* Saigol Motors
* Sajeel Motors

10. Dewan Yousuf Farooqui

Dewan Yousuf Farooqui is on number 10 in the list. He is worth $800 Million. He is the owner of The “Dewan Mushtaq Group”. The group owns three textile units, a motorcycle manufacturing concern and the largest sugar unit in the country.

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