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Islamabad: Pakistan former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani claimed to have made many records in his speeches during his 49 months and one day of premiership.

Beside his claims, there are some other records as well which Gilani made during premierships:

  1. Yousuf Raza Gilani, the first Pakistani prime minister who is disqualified by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  2. He was the first prime minister who lost his post during legal battle.
  3. He was the first prime minister who was elected unopposed.
  4. He was the first prime minister who attended highest number of session of the parliament.
  5. NFC awards, Balochistan package, 18th 19th and 20th constitutional were made in his era.

However, the Pakistani People’s Party (PPP) considers Gilani’s era as biggest achievements but it made no change in the life common man as they are facing hours long load-shedding and inflation.


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WASHINGTON: Pakistan, a country is run by a civilian elite that steals all it can and pay almost no taxes, has been ranked 13th in the latest ranking of failed states.

The unique ranking compiled by the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine is topped by African countries Somalia (114.9 points), Congo (111.2), Sudan (109.4), Chad (107.6) and Zimbabwe (106.3).

Afghanistan with 106 points is ranked at number 6, followed by Haiti, Yemen, Iraq and Central African Republic.

Pakistan with 101.6 points, the magazine said, is ranked 13, a slight improvement from the previous two years. In 2011 it was ranked 12th in the list of failed states, while in 2010 and 2009 it was ranked 10th.

“The country is run by civilian elite that steals all it can and pays almost no taxes,” Robert D Kaplan, the chief geopolitical analyst at Stratfor, wrote for the Foreign Policy.

The absence of the state makes for 20-hour daily electricity blackouts and an almost nonexistent education system in many areas,” he wrote.

Explaining the reasons for Pakistan being in the list of a failed state, Kaplan said the root cause of these manifold failures, in many minds, is the very artificiality of Pakistan itself: a cartographic puzzle piece sandwiched between India and Central Asia that splits apart what the British Empire ruled as one indivisible subcontinent.

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KARACHI – After failing to strike a deal on Nato supply with Pakistan, violating international laws the US has moved its USS Enterprise, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, into Pakistani territorial waters near Gawadar, media quoting sources said on Thursday.
“After the deployment of the aircraft in Pakistani sea the country’s security agencies are now investigating into the matter. The movement apparently shows the increasing interest of the US in Balochistan province of Pakistan,” sources said.
“The US has moved its biggest aircraft carrier 65 to 70 nautical miles away from Gawadar in the second week of June,” a well informed source told news-based website.
The USS Enterprise, which holds a crew of over 4,000, had taken part in several wars.

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Islamabad: The United Nations (UN) human rights chief Navi Pillay on Thursday called for a UN investigation into US drone strikes in Pakistan, questioning their legality and saying they kill innocent civilians.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay made the remarks at the end of a four-day visit to the country, where US drone strikes have on average targeted militants once every four days under US President Barack Obama.

Islamabad is understood to have approved the strikes on Al Qaeda and Taliban targets in the past. But the government has become increasingly energetic in its public opposition as relations with Washington have nosedived.

“Drone attacks do raise serious questions about compliance with international law,” Pillay told a news conference in Islamabad.

“The principle of distinction and proportionality and ensuring accountability for any failure to comply with international law is also difficult when drone attacks are conducted outside the military chain of command and beyond effective and transparent mechanisms of civilian or military control,” she said.

She said the attacks violate human rights.

“I see the indiscriminate killings and injuries of civilians in any circumstances as human rights violations.”

The UN human rights chief provided no statistics but called for an investigation into civilian casualties, which she said were difficult to track.

“Because these attacks are indiscriminate it is very, very difficult to track the numbers of people who have been killed,” she said.

“I suggested to the government that they invite the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Summary or Arbitrary Executions and he will be able to investigate some of the incidents.”

She said that UN chief Ban Ki-moon had urged states to be “more transparent” about circumstances in which drones are used and take necessary precautions to ensure that the attacks involving drones comply with applicable international law.

“So therefore I stress the importance of investigating such cases and ensuring compensation and redress to the victims.”

Washington releases few details about its covert drone programme in Pakistan but on Wednesday US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta described them as self-defence and promised that they would continue to target Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

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At least four people were killed when a US drone fired missiles in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region near Afghan border, sources said on Saturday.

The sources said that the attack took place in Khawashi village of South Waziristan Agency.

They said the unmanned aircraft targeted a vehicle.

Anti-American sentiments are running high in the South Asian Islamic nation after the Nato aggression despite country’s continued efforts against extremists and military campaign against the home grown terrorists.

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Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh – File: PHOTO

ISLAMABAD: Amid protests by Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N), Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh announced the Federal Budget for the fiscal year 2012-13 with an outlay Rs2.96 trillion. This was the fifth budget of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government.

Shaikh gave the speech with earphones plugged in, while members of PML-N encircled him and resorted sloganeering against the government. PML-N MNAs continued to ignore Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza’s call for order in the house, and chanted slogans against the government.

A scuffle also broke out between PPP and PML-N parliamentarians during the budget speech, who resorted to punching, slapping and shoving each other.

The Federal Cabinet had earlier approved the budget during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani.

During the speech, the finance minister announced that no new taxes will be introduced, and the income tax slabs have been brought down from 17 to 5.

Salaries of government employees have also been increased by 20%.

Shaikh also announced that the Prime Minister House will be converted into an institute for advanced studies, and the premier will live in a small house.

Express News reports that the budget brings a Rs20 billion increase for the defence sector, with an allocation of Rs264 billion for the Army. The Navy has been allocated Rs52.7 billion, which is around Rs230 million lesser than the previous budget.

The Air Force has been allocated Rs114 billion.

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According to the budget, the government will open up to 2,000 new utility stores, in an effort to provide relief to around 300,000 families.

The government has set Rs10 billion for the export development fund.


The finance minister has concluded the speech.


The Prime Minister House will be converted into an institute for advanced studies and the prime minister will live in a small house.

“For the progress and development of solar tube-wells, subsidy will be given to them, so that the energy crisis can be curbed… No matter how much money is needed to curb the energy crisis, we will provide it,” says Shaikh.


“All items which have a GST tax of more than 16%, efforts are being done to bring their tax down to 16%.”

“We have decided to lessen the customs duty… All customs item which were in the maximum range of 35% will be brought down to 30%,” says Shaikh.

The finance minister says that Rs183 billion has been allocated to deal with the energy crisis.


The total amount of the budget for the year 2012-13 will be Rs2.96 trillion, announces Shaikh.

The income tax limit has been raised from Rs300,000 to 400,000. “For the ease of taxpayers, the slabs have been brought down from 17 to 5. This will bring relief to taxpayers.”


“The government made a sacrifice of Rs70 billion to relieve people from the rising petroleum prices,” Shaikh points out.

“Tax collection was the basic objective of the government.”


The finance minister says that the growth rate has reached up to 3.4%, adding that the country maintained economic stability without taking any loans from the IMF in those two years. “We returned $1.2 billion to IMF.”

A scuffle broke out in the National Assembly during the budget speech, with PML-N and PPP MNAs exchanging blows.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was seen at the centre of the fight.

“Power was delegated to provinces after the 18th Amendment. Around 70% of the budget was allocated to them,” says the finance minister.


The finance minister starts off speech by congratulating Gilani for being prime minister for the longest time in the history of the country.

Raja Pervaiz Ashraf is standing right next to Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh. PML-N members are also standing around the finance minister holding placards.


Finance Miniser Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has begun the budget speech.

Dr Fehmida Mirza has called for order in the house amidst protests and sloganeering by PML-N members. Party members are shouting “Shame, shame”.


PML-N is expected to encircle Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh during the speech to protest. Party members have also arrived inside the building with placards.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has arrived inside the National Assembly.

Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida Mirza will chair the National Assembly session.


No new tax will be introduced in the upcoming budget and the Federal Board of Revenue has been directed to make legal changes to facilitate people, reports The Express Tribune correspondent Sumera Khan.


The Federal Cabinet, during a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, approved a budget of Rs3.1 trillion for the year 2012-13.

Express News correspondent Khalid Mehmood reports that Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) is expected to protest during the budget session and will also stage a walk-out.

Chaudhry Nisar, speaking to reporters, said that the government has never paid heed to the opposition’s recommendations.


Express News reports that a decision has been taken to increase the salaries of government employees by 20%.


APP reports that the government has allocated Rs22,877 million for 37 development projects of the Pakistan Railways in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2012-13.


Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan criticised the ruling government in a press conference earlier during the day and said that even after not being able to achieve targets, the government has the audacity of still staying in power.

“In the past four years, inflation has increased, loadshedding has increased. No target was achieved, the finance minister admitted this himself. If the government had any element of decency, then it wouldn’t have presented the fifth budget,” he remarked.


Following is the list of funds allocated to various divisions of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) as part of the 2012-13 federal budget.   

Rs2.177 billion for Cabinet Division

Rs791.5 million for Capital Administration and Development Division

Rs135.0 million for Climate Change Division

Rs653.8 million for Commerce Division

Rs142.1 million for Communication Division (other than NHA)

Rs3.205 billion for Defence Division

Rs2 billion for Defence Production Division

Rs211.7 million for Economic Affairs Division

Rs8.0 million for Establishment Division

Rs25.0 million for Federal Tax Ombudsman

Rs13.616 billion for Finance Division

Rs200.0 million for ministry of Foreign Affairs

Rs1.5800 billion for Higher Education Commission

Rs2.591 billion for Housing and Works Division

Rs126.0 million for Human Rights Division

Rs774.5 million for Industries Division

Rs412.3 million for Information and Broadcasting Division

Rs787.4 million for Information Technology and Telecom Division

Rs195.0 million for Inter Provincial Coordination Division

Rs6.509 billion for Interior Division

Rs20.055 billion for Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan Division

Rs1.200 billion for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Division

Rs311.1 million for Narcotics Control Division

Rs495.0 million for National Food Security and Research Division

Rs75.4 million for National Heritage and Integration Division

Rs39.167 billion for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission

Rs400.o million for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority

Rs268.1 million for Petroleum and Natural Resources Division

Rs37.840 billion for Planning and Development Division

Rs325.0 million for Ports and Shipping Division

Rs612.0 million for Production Division

Rs2.951 billion for Professional and Technical Training Division

Rs22.877 billion for Railways Division

Rs806.8 million for Revenue Division

Rs1.311 billion for Science and Technological Research Division

Rs16.000 billion for States and Frontier Regions Division

Rs140 billion for Statistics Division

Rs227.0 billion for Textile Industry Division

Rs47.192 billion for Water and Power Division (Water Sector)

Rs29.655 billion for WAPDA (Power)

Rs50.727 billion for National Highway Authority

Rs27 billion for Special Programmes

Courtesy By: www.tribune.com.pk


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” If found guilty of illegally slipping in the UK or remaining absent from duty without intimation, Shan could be dismissed from police service,” City Police Officer Azhar Hameed Khokhar.

RAWALPINDI: “Who’s stopping them” was PM Gilani’s reply to a question about an alarming percentage of the people wanting to flee the country. One of his own security official took the words quite literally.

Deputed with the security staff on the PM’s visit to England, Constable Ali Shan “disappeared without a clue”. Some police officials suspect that Shan made his move for a better future in Europe.

City Police Officer (CPO) Azhar Hameed Khokhar, on Thursday, said that an inquiry against the Punjab Police Elite Force’s constable was underway. He said if found guilty of illegally slipping in the UK or remaining absent from duty without intimation, Shan could be dismissed from police service.

The police official did not return with the PM’s security squad from the UK on May 13, in the hope of securing a better future, said a police official requesting anonymity. The PM had travelled to the UK on May 8.

The constable’s family has been questioned if they were in contact with Shan, the official said. The family told the police they had not been in touch with Shan since he had left for the UK with the PM’s security squad.

Shan was married some six months ago and he had been trying to go to a European country in search of a better future, he added, quoting his family based in Gujar Khan.

When contacted, PM’s spokesperson Akram Shaheedi said Shan had informed the PM’s chief security officer that he wanted to spend a few days with relatives in the UK. The constable has a valid visa for three weeks and is likely to return to the country before it expires, Shaheedi added.

Courtesy by www.tribune.com.pk

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