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Mehar Bukhari, the controversial hostess of Pakistani Media, who has reputation as an outspoken and an influential anchorperson in the national political scenario. She consider herself as a respected personality, here is a glimpse of her past days via her own mobile and webcam.



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Islamabad: The Supreme Court on Thursday issued notices to Mehar Bokhari, Mubashir Luqman Mian Amir Mehmodd (owner of Dunya News) Chairman PEMRA and Malik Riaz.

A three-judge bench of the apex court headed by Justice Shakirullah Jan issued the notices over a plea moved by Liquat Qureshi Advocate, seeking contempt of court proceedings over the planted interview.

The court adjourned the hearing for two weeks after issuing the notices.

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Lahore: After around two weeks of the infamous footage leak, Dunya TV’s former disgraced talk show host, Mubashir Luqman, broke his public silence in a crudely made YouTube video and tried to defend himself, and the channel as well.

From Moosa Gilani’s call during the show to the charge of hosting a planted interview, an apparently emotional Luqman made his best to justify his position, citing various examples.

He said he resigned from Dunya TV on his own will as the channel was under pressure because of him.

Overall, he praised Dunya TV, but said the only thing for which the channel is to blame is the fact that two anchors of very different natures were brought in the same show which led to some off-camera scuffle.

He said he is not going anywhere and will continue to reside in Lahore.

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Islamabad: Mubashir Luqman will host show on Dunya TV today and “answer to all accusations” levelled against him after a video leak, showing off-the-air remarks of a Malik Riaz interview with him and Mehar Bukhari.

Luqman tweeted on Monday that “I am sure a lot people will be shocked who had spread rumors that I had run away to UK to avoid an inquiry. Well I am here.”

He cursed all those people who kept on using abusive language against him on social media and told them to “please go off my time line or I will block you”.

He advised all gossipmongers to “read Quran and see what it says about those who spread rumors”.

When one of his fans told him that he was shocked to see the leaked video and asked Luqman if he was guilty over the episode, the anchor replied: “If I was guilty why would I be back? Why would I not run away? And guilty of what man? Have a heart and wait for the show.”

He said that a lot of people abused him and his family over the past three days and said he felt sorry about that.

He claimed that the video leak was a conspiracy against Dunya TV, as the channel is now dominating its competitors.

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The conspiracy to malign the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ended up with an expose of media after an off the record talk of Mubashir Lucman, Meher Bokhari and Malik Riaz surfaced on the internet.
Mubashir Lucman is very well known in media circles for his contradictory personality.
He was a cabinet member of General Pervez Musharraf and diehard opponent of Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Lucman also issued a “Fatwa” against Chief Justice in his show saying the CJ is liable to be killed after May 12 mayhem during Musharraf regime .
He was complete failure in the film industry and used his relations to penetrate in media industry but was not liked by his colleague.
Mr Lucman’s scandal with film actresses Resham and Zara Sheiklh had been doing the round in the media.
Meher Bokhari, who considers herself a bold anchor person, is also well known as people have seen her in the arms of Americans; some say US secret agents, with some other female anchors.
Mubashir was suspended from the TV job after interview with Malik Riaz but, was reinstated through a powerful personality. His career journey from show biz to TV anchor person is also controversial. He started his career from film industry and also produced a film flopped totally. He remained Public Relation officer to Musarrat Misabah. Meanwhile, he got his columns published in newspapers because of some “kind” persons to him and made access to media. He started his regular career in the media as anchor person from the TV channel owned by former governor Salman Tasir (the Late). After that working in a famous TV channel he joined the present TV channel and started program with the name, “Khari Baat”(Bold Talk/ true talk). Due to his alleged dual personality he is not liked much in media. While, in the past being a part of Musharraf’s cabinet he had been criticizes. He has also been under allegations for being agent of the secret agencies.
After the release of the footages of planted interview with Malik Riaz on Internet he is being criticized by public on the social networks like youtube and other sites.

Pakistani anchors must be protesting against drone attacks while partying like they do on TV

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LAHORE – There’s a war raging on in the media. And another in the hearts and minds of the people.
The Malik Riaz-Arsalan graft scandal has brought forth a facet of media that was the last thing on people’s mind, who marveled at the freedom and impartiality exercised by the country’s fourth estate while grinding the politicians for their alleged corruption and indifference towards the people.
Wednesday’s “exclusive” interview of Malik Riaz conducted by fiery Dunya News anchor Meher Bukhari, who a Norwegian founder of a trendy genre of journalism once called the “perfect type of candidate to promote Pakistan”, and Mubashar Lucman, the host of Khari Baat (true talk), was little expected to become for Pakistanis what the atomic bomb was for Hiroshima. While Dunya News spent the day in damage control exercises like downplaying its rival Geo News, claiming how the channel had lied to people at several occasions and backtracked, and talking to the people on the streets who instantly supported Dunya News for its upright stance and morals, all is still not well on the air waves.
Dunya News posted on its website that Geo News was admonished for airing baseless news against the judiciary in Arsalan case order.
Its transmission also kept repeating the following tickers, demonizing Geo News and its anchors:
(1)Hamid Mir was accused by Sheikh Rashid for arranging ‘paid’ programmes.
(2)Hamid Mir and Kamran Khan confessed in writing to the Supreme Court that they aired stories without verification.
(3) Shaheen Sehbai’s interview was uploaded without establishing the authenticity of its contents.
(4) Geo News picked up propaganda campaign against judiciary after Shaheen Sehbai uploaded the interview.

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