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If the fact that Maryam Nawaz Shareef and Marvi Memon having no position in Punjab Government but still distributing laptops didn’t shock you enough, here is another gem coming your way:

PML-N is paying its social media team through YOUR tax payments. YES, It’s your money that is being used by PML-N

After the 30th October Lahore Jalsa of PTI, PML-N’s ranks were terribly shaken and to catch up with PTI’s strength on social media, PML-N have resorted to all kinds of tactics including hiring hundreds of paid social media workers who were given the task of making new pro PML-N pages and running mud-slinging campaigns against PPP, MQM and PTI. All these are modern campaigning techniques so nothing wrong with them but question arises how these media teams are being paid?  Where other parties have dedicated volunteers working on social media, PML-N is exploiting the resources of Punjab Government and using YOUR tax money to pay THEIR hired hands for social media campaigns. Take a look at this article by e-tribune http://tribune.com.pk/story/335114/twitter-wars-punjab-sets-up-team-to-handle-social-media/

The question arises: Why are these people hired by Punjab Government and being paid by citizens’ tax money to do social media propaganda in PML-N’s favor and to malign other political parties, especially PTI? Don’t believe this? Take a look at the three names mentioned in the above article.

  1. Faiz Khan
  2. Faraz Tajammul
  3. Abu Bakar Umar

Now see this: Fraz Tajammul being given job in Punjab IT Board and what is he doing there?

Fraz Tajammul posted above picture of his IT directorate office on facebook.  Now look below and see him being a member of the group, PityForPTI. On whose orders is he doing this?

Another picture of Fraz Tajammul on CM Punjab’s official facebook page

Now see the image below. This is a database of PML-N pages run by their social media workers. See Faiz Khan’s name there? Look closely at No. 19 and No. 25 pages being run by him. And not just him, there are other paid workers like Gohar Fayyaz working full time on PML-N’s payroll to malign other political parties. This is how our tax money is being used by Punjab Government to promote PML-N and creating propaganda against others.

(click on image to enlarge)

To give a small example of how they work and create false propaganda, take a look at this image. Gohar Fayyaz, Asrar Hassan and Majid Taimoor are all part of PityForPTI and are paid by PML-N by OUR hard earned tax money.

Not onlyPML-N is cheating us out of our money, they are also using all sorts of illegal means to stop other parties from social media campaigning. Take a look at below facebook status by Fawad Khalid, another PML-N social media active member/official youth representative

This calls for an enquiry into PML-N’s paid social media team, sponsored by YOUR tax money, OUR tax money. We will not let Punjab Government cheat us anymore. As common citizens of Pakistan, we have a complete right to know why are these people being hired by Punjab Government, paid by tax payers money and are asked to do PML-N propaganda on social media?


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Ayesha Ahad is Begging for Justice in front of Punjab Assembly, The family of Ayesha is receiving threats from the Punjab government for not withdrawing the claim that she (Ayesha) has a “matrimonial relation” with a scion of the Sharif family.


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Syed Talat Hussain (Newsnight with Talat, 14th June 2012) exposes the tight links between PML (N), its leardership and business tycoon Malik Riaz ; Maryam Nawaz Sharif sending messages off-record to clarify her brother’s dirt… why didn’t she do that in front of all, on record ? Do you clarify someone just by sending a SMS ? So if Bilawal Zardari Bhutto sends a SMS, his father is clean, right ? Noora Kushti. Again.


COURTESY : Dawn News

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Lahore: The leaked video of planted interview of Malik Riaz, the real estate tycoon, with Pakistan’s prominent journalists Mehar Bukhar and Mubashir Lucman on Dunya News has got over 142,973 hits in less than 36 hours.

The video struck the social media like fever and people on micro blogging sites started sharing unedited video and created trends on twitter like #Bahriagate, #Mediagate, #Anchorgate, #Familygate, #Malikgate, #Arsalangate and #Mehrgate and #Luqmangate.

Following the fever of the video on Social and micro blogging websites, later all the other famous television anchors deeply discussed the planted interview and termed it ‘shameful journalism’.

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Malik Riaz Paid Millions to Purchase air time. this all was pre planned. Malik Riaz infact is a coward person. real video exposed.


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Islamabad: The Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended memberships of three lawmakers of Punjab and Sindh assemblies in case pertaining to dual nationalities of  politicians.

Those whose memberships have been  suspended include Ahkhlaq Ahmed and Amina Batter of Punjab Assembly and Ahmed Ali Shah of Sindh Assembly.

Akhlaq Ahmed to the court that he possessed American nationality  and had contested two election as he was not aware of laws about the dual nationality.

The applauded the MPA for speaking truth about his nationality.

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