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Islamabad: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has announced to support people of Punjab in their protest against power outages.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad here on Wednesday, Khan said not only loadshedding but he would also protest against inflation. ” i will say Faisalabadis to be ready as i am coming to stand by them on June 27,” Khan said adding that he would start his protest movement from Faisalabad and would also visit other cities of the province.

He said the Punjab government had failed in protecting life and property of the people.

When asked to comment on Supreme Court’s order of disqualifying Yousuf rRaza Gilani, Khan said the former prime minister was punished for his defiance against the court orders.

Replying a query, the PTI chief said that nothing would change with new prime minister.

He demanded an early and immediate election, adding that though early election might prove harmful for his party, it was in the interest of Pakistan.

Khan said that transparant election could not expected with  Asif Ali Zardari sitting in the presidency as he was also  co-chairman of a political party.


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WASHINGTON: Pakistan, a country is run by a civilian elite that steals all it can and pay almost no taxes, has been ranked 13th in the latest ranking of failed states.

The unique ranking compiled by the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine is topped by African countries Somalia (114.9 points), Congo (111.2), Sudan (109.4), Chad (107.6) and Zimbabwe (106.3).

Afghanistan with 106 points is ranked at number 6, followed by Haiti, Yemen, Iraq and Central African Republic.

Pakistan with 101.6 points, the magazine said, is ranked 13, a slight improvement from the previous two years. In 2011 it was ranked 12th in the list of failed states, while in 2010 and 2009 it was ranked 10th.

“The country is run by civilian elite that steals all it can and pays almost no taxes,” Robert D Kaplan, the chief geopolitical analyst at Stratfor, wrote for the Foreign Policy.

The absence of the state makes for 20-hour daily electricity blackouts and an almost nonexistent education system in many areas,” he wrote.

Explaining the reasons for Pakistan being in the list of a failed state, Kaplan said the root cause of these manifold failures, in many minds, is the very artificiality of Pakistan itself: a cartographic puzzle piece sandwiched between India and Central Asia that splits apart what the British Empire ruled as one indivisible subcontinent.

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Gilani takes notice of prolonged electricity outage, summons petroleum minister.

KARACHI: Loadshedding and power protests continued in Punjab, with the electricity shortfall quoted at 8,000 megawatts and some areas reported to be without power supply for longer than eight hours at a stretch.

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has taken notice of the prolonged electricity outages and has summoned the petroleum minister.

Authorities said in order to cope with the increasing shortfall of power supply, loadshedding had to be stretched to longer hours.

Grid stations in different areas of Lahore have been shut since 7am. Moreover, due to prolonged absence of power supply in southern Lahore, the city suffers from a shortage of water supply as well. Areas like Jhang, Toba Tek Singh and Chiniot receive power supply for only three hours a day.

Various cities under FESCO (Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company) go through 20 hours of severe loadshedding. While more than 22 hours of loadshedding in villages has disturbed daily life routines.

Sukkur and internal Sindh cities face 12hours of loadshedding daily, while villages go through 16 hours of no power supply. As a result of the severe energy crisis, businesses are suffering, and hundred thousands of labourers are unemployed.

Passenger train set on fire

Three bogeys of a passenger train were set on fire by angry protestors in Kamoke. The train was travelling to Sialkot from Lahore.

Pakistan Railways has temporarily suspended services of at least 20 trains travelling from Lahore to Rawalpindi, including four Railroad cars, two Awam Express trains, Lasani, Allama Iqbal and Khyber Express.

According to GM Railways, this step has been taken to avoid protesters from damaging further more trains.

The protestors had first pelted the train with stones, forcing the passengers out, before setting it on fire. No casualties were reported in the incident.

Earlier in Kamoke, protestors had also tried to set grid stations on fire.

Civilians protest against loadshedding

Infuriated mobs in different areas of Faisalabad carried out rallies against the ongoing power crisis, while enraged people pelted stones and broke windows of three private banks near Dhandiwala. Protestors damaged ATM machines and CNG stations in the area.

Protests continued despite baton charging by the police. The mob looted stores and stole from fruit vendors.

Traffic was blocked by burning tyres on Marine Road.

Protestors armed with sticks in Khanewal, forcefully shut down shops of the area. The SHO of the city arrived on the scene, infuriating the mob even further. As a result the SHO took hostage in a house, on which the protestors started stoning the building.

The demonstrators were dispersed through aerial firing and shelling which injured seven.

Demonstrations also took place in Jahaniya, Pakpattan and Lahore.

Infuriated protesters barged into the LESCO (Lahore Electricity Supply Company) office, burning documents and furniture, and ran away with the electricity wires.

Protests continued for several hours while police was nowhere to be seen.

The GT Road was shut down due to the protests at Sadhuki.

Wapda offices and educational institutions were set on fire near Sargodha.

The Gepco office was set on fire in Hafizabad, while at Zafarwal, Federal Minister Tariq Anees’ caravan was stopped. Three people were injured when the guard opened fire.

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Two killed in retaliatory firing from guards present at MNA Riaz Fatiana’s house in Kamalia.

Protests against loadshedding in Punjab have intensified, with demonstrators beginning to target the homes of MNAs and MPAs.

Outraged civilians targeted the home of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) MNA Riaz Fatiana in Kamalia. Two people were killed as a result of retaliatory firing from guards present at Fatiana’s house.

Police and protesters continued to clash regularly in the area.

In Khanewal, protesters attacked Heraj house and set a portion of it on fire.

Protests continue in Punjab, Sindh

Civilians continued to protest against the power crisis in various areas of southern Punjab including, Dera Ghazi Khan, Vehari, Muzaffargarh, Lodhran, Bahawalpur, Mian Channu, Chichawatni, Kabirwala, Haroonabad, Yazman, Rajanpur and Layyah.

Sukkur, Shikarpur, Larkana, Jacobabad and various other areas of Sindh are also suffering from hours-long power outages, where infuriated mobs have protested.

At least 10-12 hours of loadshedding in cities and 12-16 hours of no power supply in villages has miserably affected businesses and industries.

FIRs registered against protesters

FIRs were registered against 1,770 unknown protestors in three different police stations of Faisalabad.

Twelve hundred cases were registered at Madina Town police station, 500 at Mansoorabad police station and seventy FIRs were filed at Samanabad police station against unknown people for carrying out protests against the on-going energy crisis.

The cases registered include offences of damaging banks, CNG stations, looting from shops and blocking the roads.

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Norway has offered special coordination in hydel power projection to overcome energy crisis.

Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan Cecilie Landsverk on Friday said that Norwegian investors are interested in hydel power and gas sectors in Pakistan, adding that could generate 1,00,000 MW through its hydropower resources to overcome energy crisis.
Talking to Vice President FPCCI Mirza Abdul Rehman, she said that optimum utilization of hydropower potential with the help of international community could tackle power shortfall on sustainable basis.
The Ambassador said that Pakistan has fantastic potential to generate electricity.
Hydropower is the best way to bridge the gap between electricity generation and consumption which would improve the ratio of low-cost electricity in the system to stabilise the tariff, said Cecilie Landsverk.
She said that Norwegian investors are also interested in promising onshore and off shore gas sectors of Pakistan.
Ms Landsverk advised Pakistani business community to focus on food chains in Norway.
There are great business possibilities here but perception in west about Pakistan is not improving since last few years which is blocking investment, she added.
Mirza Abdul Rehman asked for cooperation to overcome energy crisis, resume fisheries exports and initiate projects aimed at imparting vocational training to youth.
He said that Norway s fruit and vegetable chains should visit Pakistan to explore opportunities.
Norwegian designers can help educate our artisans about taste and demand patterns of European countries to boost exports, said Mirza Abdul Rehman.
Mirza Abdul Rehman said that a delegation of FPCCI is to visit Norway to explore opportunities in different sectors including pharmaceutical and surgical sectors.
FPCCI and Norway can join hands to establish vocational centres in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and Punjab, said Malik Sohail.
Malik Sohail said that President FPCCI Haji Ghulam Kadir Sherani, and national business leaders Tariq Sayeed and Iftikhar Ali Malik are regards highly Norwegian help in promoting education, health and culture in Pakistan.
Stressing upon the need of expanding bilateral economic and commercial relations Atif Akram Sheikh said that trade could be enhanced through planned visits of businesspersons with the help of two governments and business chambers.

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Lahore:  Nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has said that energy crisis in Pakistan could be overcome by producing electricity from nuclear base as 4,500mw electricity could be produced with the help of the present nuclear infrastructure in the country.

“It is a dilemma of the country that technical people are not being involved in any project,” he observed during a frank discussion with the faculty and students of Allama Iqbal Medical College here on Wednesday.

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Shahbaz Sharif, will perform his duties from his camp office, whenever he visits 90 Shahrae Quaid-e-Azam, instead of his office. PHOTO:

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League (N) has announced a major protest on June 14 if the energy crisis in Punjab is not resolved,

According to sources, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz will lead the demonstrations for PML-N.

During the demonstrations, the protestors are likely to surround the Governor House too. PML-N is adamant to continue their protests until the energy crisis is completely over.

While the chief minister is currently functioning from his camp office set up at Minar-e-Pakistan, he has also put up a camp office at 90 Shahrae Quaid-e-Azam.

Shahbaz Sharif will perform his duties from his camp office whenever he visits 90 Shahrae Quaid-e-Azam, instead of his office.

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