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Lahore: Famous Pakistani actress and stage artist Nirma found completely drunk and indulged in sexual activity at a guest house with other friends in Lahore. She has been sent to jail after being arrested.

Famous lolly-wood actress Nirma jas been caught in a controversial sex scandal.  She Was Arrested from guest house, a web portal claimed. Nimra and several other girls few arrested by Police after raid. Actress send to Jail for further investigation.

Now Nimra is looking for bail as she has influence among Government officials. On other hand, this new did not come on TV Channels as it was expected. a leading Pakistan Music website reported that actress Nimra was arrested in controversial dressing and immoral activity. few days back, Hina Rabbani Khar Scandal also spread on ther internet and still a hot topic on social networking sites.

On other hand, the authenticity of this news in still doubtful as we could not find any Video or a single picture when she was arrested. its not the first time we any Pakistani celebrity has been arrested in such a scandal. in past dozens of Pakistan singers, actors, actress and other media celebrities were caught. but the were released after few hours of arrest due to pressure from high profile officers.





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Now the reason revealed why She is still enjoying Ministry.

One of the Western intelligence agencies have romantic relations between youngest foreign minister of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto, the son of President Asif Ali Zardari and slain Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The report even indicated a ‘cold feud’ between the father and the son, following Bilawal’s decision of marrying Hina Rabbani Khar, as she is poised to end her marital relations with millionaire businessman Firoze Gulzar, from whom she has two daughters named Annaya and Dina. Born on November 19, 1977, Hina Rabbani Khar hails from an influential feudal and landowner family and is the daughter of politician and landowner Nur Rabbani Khar and the niece of Ghulam Mustafa Khar, a former Governor of Punjab. The Khar family has roots in the village of Khar Gharbilocated in Kot Adu – a tehsil (subdivision) in Muzaffargarh District in Punjab; and has many land holdings. The Khar family owns an estate that includes fisheries, mango orchards, and sugarcane fields as well as a local steel mill.

After graduating from local high school, Khar attended the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in 1995, and earned B.Sc. in Economics with cum laude in 1999. The same year, she went to United States to resume her higher studies and attended the post-graduate school of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and subsequently earned a Master’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2002.

Hina Rabbani Khar was brought into national prominence and national political arena by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz in 2004, who publicly appointed her into the Finance ministry. In previous 2002 general elections, she successfully contested and secured the parliamentary constituency of her father, after most members of the family were disqualified. With financial support of her father, she campaigned on a newly founded PML (Q Group) platform against Pakistan Muslim League. After the elections, Khar was elected as a Member of Parliament, representing the NA-177, Muzaffargarh-II constituency in Punjab, a position her father had held previously, but a new law requiring all candidates to hold a university degree meant he could not run that year.

The Guardian wrote, “In deference to local sensibilities about the place of women, her landlord father Noor addressed rallies and glad-handed voters; Hina stayed largely at home, with not even her photo appearing on the posters.” In 2005, she was elevated as the deputy minister of economic affairs and served under Shaukat Aziz. As deputy minister, she dealt extensively with the donor community during the 2005 earthquake that hit Northern Pakistan.

In 2007, she made an unsuccessful attempt to renew her alliance with PML-Q, but the party denied her a ticket platform to campaign for re-election in 2008, she was later invited by the senior members of the Pakistan Peoples Party and successfully campaign for her constituency for a second time. The PPP secured plurality of the votes and formed a left-wing alliance with the Awami National Party, MQM and PML-Q. They nominated and elected Yousaf Raza Gillani as Prime Minister.

It is learnt from the intelligence source that, President Asif Ali Zardari is vehemently opposing his son’s willingness of knotting marital relations with a woman with two children, saying it would not only jeopardize Bilawal’s political career but would also invite political doom for the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Being aggrieved by his son’s ego and determination in making family with Hina Rabbani Khar, Asif Ali Zardari played key-role behind using country’s intelligence agencies in spreading the scandal about the evasion of electricity bills worth 70 million Rupees by Galaxy Textile Mills, a company owned by Khar’s husband Firoze Gulzar and father-in-law. The media reports also alleged that she and her husband are also among many other beneficiaries of NRO – an ordinance drafted to save corruption money and provide immunity to the corrupt.

At this stage, sensing his father’s aggressive attitude towards Hina Rabbani Khar, Bilawal expressed anger and even threatened of resigning from the post of Presidency of Pakistan People’s Party. He even told Asif Ali Zardari that he would settle in Switzerland with Hina Rabbani Khar and her daughters, though later he even told his father that, Hina might leave her daughters with her husband after the divorce. It may be mentioned here that, Bilawal Bhutto’s mother Benazir Bhutto left a hidden wealth worth a few billion dollars in Switzerland and Bilawal is the legal nominee of all those properties.

The secret affairs between Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Rabbani Khar came to the knowledge of Asif Ali Zardari, when the duo was caught in compromised situation inside the official residence of the President, where his son Bilawal Bhutto also resides. Later, President Zardari collected mobile call records between Bilawal and Hina and found evidences of relations between the two. The relations became much exposed to Asif Ali Zardari, when Hina Rabbani Khar sent Bilawal a greeting card on his birthday on September 21, 2011 with hand-written message stating – “The foundation of our relations is eternal and soon we shall be just ourselves.”

It may be mentioned here that, Bilawal Bhutto is 11 years younger than Hina Rabbani Khar. Earliest this year, Bilawal Bhutto was caught in sex scandal with some unknown females.

The scandalous picture of Bilawal Bhutto & Hina Rabbani Khar

Source: high-profile-romance-in-pakistan-exposed

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Mansehra: According to details, a girl namely Sonia fled with a boy, Adil, on promise of marriage from Karachi and arrived in a local hotel of Mansehra. The boy left girl in hotel and escaped without informing her. The girl was arrested by policemen of City Police Station but instead of taking her to safe place, they took her into a house and insulted her. Later on, she was taken to Kaghan Police Station and they continued her gang rape for two more days.After girl’s statement, filed in a local court, the DPO of Mansehra suspended SHOs of City and Kaghan police stations and formed a high level team to probe the incident.

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Lahore: TV actress and anchorperson Ayesha Sana Thursday made an appeal to President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira to take notice of high-handedness of MD PTV Yousaf Baig Mirza.Addressing a news conference here on Thursday, Ayesha said Jamila Maqsood and her daughter Sana Mirza are harassing her through phone calls and text messages to stop her from disclosing the birth of Muhammad Mustafa Mirza, a son born out after marriage with Yousaf Baig Mirza.

Ayesha Sana Press Conference ( Part 1 )

Ayesha Sana Press Conference ( Part 2 )


Ayesha Sana said, “She entered into a marriage contract with Yousaf Baig Mirza in 2003.” However, we are living separately since 2006 due to certain differences and there is a general impression that we are divorced which is not true, she said, adding “ We have been meeting each other as husband and wife and the reason behind my silence was Yousaf, who has had been pretending that he was trying to settle his family issues.

I gave birth to a baby in US eight months ago and Mirza told me he would soon own the child but he sent me divorce notice on May 5 2012.

She said DNA test proved that Mirza was the father of her child, adding that the PTV MD was now living  illegally with her ex wife Jamila Maqsood.

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Director Imtiaz Ali broke up with his wife Preety after she found a hot Pakistani actress Iman Ali,

Iman Ali who starred in Shoib Mansoor’s two hit movies, ‘Bol’ and Khuda Kay Liye’ introduced to the director by mutual friends in B-Town.

She is the daughter of renowned Pakistan TV Star Abid Ali from his first wife Humaira.

the director divorced his wife they’ve became very close and a day before the release of Rockstar, Imtiaz and Iman visited the Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi last year as well as in April this year.”

Imtiaz and Preety are facing martial problem for many years until they divorced last year. They kept they divorced under wraps as they do not want their 11 year old daughter Ida to get affected by their separation.

“Imtiaz and Iman’s courtship has also been kept under wraps, and only a few people in the industry know about it. Preety has worked as an executive producer on several films and is looking at a full-fledged career as a director now. Apparently, a production house has already signed her on.”

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Islamabad: A special court on Saturday granted search warrants to the Anti Narcotics Force so that it could arrest Ali Musa Gilani, a son of former prime minister Yousuf  Raza Gilani.

Earlier the army-led ANF had got arrest warrants for Mr Gilani but remained failed as he kept hiding with influential people.

 The court granted the search warrants, enabling the force to arrest Ali Musa Gilani by raiding anywhere he might be.

Gilani is accused of playing role in importing illegal quantity of ephedrine, a controlled substance, in Pakistan.

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ISLAMABAD: While hearing the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) implementation case on Wednesday, the Supreme Court ordered Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf to submit a written response to the court on whether or not he will write a letter to the Swiss authorities by July 12, Express News reported.

A three-member bench, headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk, ordered Attorney General Irfan Qadir to get in touch with Ashraf and inform the court about Ashraf’s stance.

The court had already issued an order when a contempt of court case was underway against former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, in which it was told to disregard the summary made by the Law Ministry and write a letter to the Swiss authorities to open graft cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.

The federal government had asked the court to not implement the order yet as Gilani’s case was underway.

Today, the court said that a prime minister is not an ordinary person and that it didn’t suit him to say that he doesn’t know about the case and hence he should ponder over it and submit a reply to the court.

An application was filed in the Supreme Court on Tuesday praying that contempt proceedings against the incumbent prime minister Raja Parvaiz Ashraf be initiated for giving a statement that he will not write a letter to the Swiss authorities.

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