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Director Imtiaz Ali broke up with his wife Preety after she found a hot Pakistani actress Iman Ali,

Iman Ali who starred in Shoib Mansoor’s two hit movies, ‘Bol’ and Khuda Kay Liye’ introduced to the director by mutual friends in B-Town.

She is the daughter of renowned Pakistan TV Star Abid Ali from his first wife Humaira.

the director divorced his wife they’ve became very close and a day before the release of Rockstar, Imtiaz and Iman visited the Nizamuddin Dargah in Delhi last year as well as in April this year.”

Imtiaz and Preety are facing martial problem for many years until they divorced last year. They kept they divorced under wraps as they do not want their 11 year old daughter Ida to get affected by their separation.

“Imtiaz and Iman’s courtship has also been kept under wraps, and only a few people in the industry know about it. Preety has worked as an executive producer on several films and is looking at a full-fledged career as a director now. Apparently, a production house has already signed her on.”


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Karachi: Following the foot steps of Arfa Karim, who became the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) at the age of nine in 2005, another talented Pakistani student Shafeh Thubani has become a world’s youngest Microsoft Certified at the age of 8, report said on Wednesday.

Shafeh says earlier it was difficult for him but now he feels it quite easy.

Arfa Karim rose to international fame when she became the youngest MCP at the age of nine in 2005 but died in February this year after complications resulting from an epileptic stroke.

“We were impressed from Arfa Karim but we never forced Shafeh to this. He did what he wanted to do,” Geo TV quoted her parents as saying.

The Microsoft Certified Professional award is a title given to those who master the company’s programs and is often used by adults to further their careers in the tech field.

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ISLAMABAD, July 4: The food security situation in Pakistan has worsened over the past four years, resulting in a drastic increase in the proportion of population falling below the minimum acceptable level of dietary consumption, according to a United Nations report.

According to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals report for 2012, two-digit inflation and high food inflation significantly decreased the purchasing power of people, especially the poor.

The report expressed fears that Pakistan was lagging behind the target of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and indicators show that the target would not be achieved by 2015, the deadline for achieving MDGs.

The report expressed concern over a number of factors that have contributed to under-achievement against most of MDGs.

These include the slow economic growth or less than three per cent over the last three to four years.

With a labour force increasing at a rate of 3.2 per cent, the slow economic growth is not creating sufficient jobs for the new entrants to the labour market.

Besides poverty and unemployment issues, the income inequality in the country has always been on the rise. The share of consumption of the lowest quintile is currently 9.6 per cent against 40.3 per cent for the highest quintile. There also exist widespread gender inequalities.

The share of women in wage employment is the slowest in South Asia and Pakistan is not an exception to it.

Additionally, there are regional pockets where status of development is worst than other areas.

Notwithstanding the challenges, the report said, there are a number of opportunities to build on.

The increase in the share of provinces in NFC award and the 18th Amendment for decentralisation of governance at the provincial level will help development partners to work more closely with the end beneficiaries.

According to the report, Pakistan adopted 18 targets and 41 indicators against which the progress is measured. However, time series data against only 33 indicators were available.Of the total 33 indicators, progress on 20 indicators is lagging behind, slow on four indicators, on track three indicators, off-track one indicator while targets against five indicators have been met.

On a total of five indicators, Pakistan is either ahead or has achieved the target.

With regard to access to improved water source, Pakistan achieved the target when three sources of improved water, tap water, hand pumps and electric motor propelled water, are taken into account.However, the Pakistan MDG report of 2010 has not included ‘electric motor’ in the category of improved water source which makes the status at around 63 per cent against the 92 per cent.

According to the report, Pakistan has made some progress in combating HIV/Aids, malaria and other diseases; and promoting gender equality and women empowerment. However, progress rate is slow and additional efforts will be needed if the targets are to be achieved by the 2015 deadline.

On a positive note, the report recognised that Pakistan has one of the highest ratios of women parliamentarians in South Asia.

While bullish on the success recorded, the MDG report warns that the 2015 deadline is fast approaching and in order to achieve outstanding goals, governments, the international community, civil society and the private sector need to intensify their contributions.

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Pakistanis are blamed for harboring unwanted hostility towards Americans and their country’s is accused of supporting alleged terrorists who want to destroy the United States of Pakistan.

No columnist or intellect needs to appraise the nation of destructive mindset of some Americans who even advocates use nuclear weapons against Pakistan.

Now the Hollywood has made a Drama series titled “The Last Resort” which ended up with producing the idea of bombing Pakistan with nuclear weapons to save the US.

A trailer of the drama series shows Pakistan destroys a US submarine which eventually prompts Americans to use nuclear weapons against Islamabad.

Pakistan’s TV and film industry even religious fanatics have never advocated use of nuclear weapons against Washington.

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Peshawar: Although the police department is considered the most corrupt institution of Pakistan, still there are some people in the department who could astonish people with their honesty and dignity.

Police constable Ayaz Mian  is one of them. He  unbelievably returned a bag filled with currency notes of Rs 5.5 million to, its owner.

According to reports, Ayaz Mian, a police constable and a resident of Matta area of Swat valley, found a bag of currency notes from a road and took it to his home.

The same day the constable heard the voice of owner of the money, who requested the people through loud speaker to help him find the money.

Mian came out of his home and after thorough inquest handed the currency to its real owner and excused from taking a half a million reward offered by the man, whose face was blushing with happiness to find the money back.

The upright cop received accolade from people of Pakistan, who kept sharing his photo on social networking website Facebook for the last couple of days.


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Favourable ratings for Khan increased by 18% over the last two years: survey

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has been declared as the most popular leader, based on the  findings of a survey conducted by the Global Attitudes project of PEW Research Centre.

According to the survey, seven out of ten Pakistani respondents offered a favourable opinion about Khan, while the favourable ratings for the leader increased by 18 percentage points over the last two years. The survey also revealed that Khan enjoys incomparable popularity among the youth.

On the other hand, President Asif Ali Zardari’s popularity went significantly down to 14% as compared to 64% in 2008, and popularity of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif dropped to 62% from 79% in 2009.


A majority of the respondents (97%), aware of the drone attacks, believe that the strikes have a negative impact on the country. “Those who are familiar with the drone campaign also overwhelmingly believe the attacks kill too many innocent people (94%). Nearly three-quarters (74%) say they are not necessary to defend Pakistan from extremist organisations.”

The survey says that PTI’s stance on drone attacks and its stand against the war on terror might be the reason of his popularity among the overwhelming majority of the people.

State of affairs

According to the survey, about nine in ten people (87%) are dissatisfied with the country’s state of the affairs and the direction it has taken. Around 89% describe the national economic situation as “bad”.

Nine in ten consider crime and joblessness as the top national concerns, and a vast majority (86%) considers terrorism to be a major concern for the country. Nearly three-quarters are concerned about corrupt political leaders (78%) and illegal drugs (76%).

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Homeless Baba Jee Supporting Imran Khan and totally Aware of PML N Noora Politics 2nd June 2012



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